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Battery Monitors and System Meters

After you’ve spent a lot of time and money on setting up your Renewable Energy System, the first thing you want to know is… IS IT WORKING? The first piece of equipment you’re going to want to look at is the System and Battery Monitors, usually not the same meter.

A Battery Monitor most often includes an accumulating amp-hour meter, a volt meter and an amp meter. This unit is best placed in the kitchen or somewhere that it is in view all the time. In the end the most basic question you’ll always ask is… “What is the battery state of charge?”  Because it determines whether you can watch a movie tonight or not… see? With a Battery Monitor you really just get to look… It usually provides no system programing functions. There are exceptions to this.

A System Meter is typically part of the System Controller. This is the brain of your system, this is where you program all the parameters of your system… the battery charge settings for the Inverter/Generator, sleep modes, Gen start etc. This unit goes right next to the Inverter and the Batteries. While it does give a little amount of information on the health of the system is usually can’t replace a Battery Monitor.

So in the end you will probably need both, a System Controller near the Inverter and Batteries to do the programing and the Battery Monitor up in your kitchen to tell you what is going on.

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Meters & Monitors
Blue Sky IPNPRO-S Remote Display with 500Amp Shunt
Blue Sky IPNPRO Remote Display Without Shunt
Bogart TM 2030A TriMetric AH/Volt Meter
Shunt 100Amp/100mV


Shunt 500 Amp 50mV
Bogart TriMetric Install Kit 50' Cable
Bogart Double Gang Box TriMetric 2025


Bogart PM 100C PentaMetric RS232 Computer Interface
Bogart PentaMetric Computer Interface with Ethernet PM 101-CE
Bogart PM-100-D PentaMetric Display Unit
Bogart PM 5000 U PentaMetric Input Data Unit
Bogart PM-5000-U Remote Temp Sensor for Pentametric


Bogart TS2- Temp Sensor for the SC2030 Solar Charge Controller


Bogart SC2030 Solar Charge Controller
Magnum ME-BMK Battery Monitoring Kit with Shunt
Magnum ME-BMK-NS Battery Monitoring Kit NO SHUNT


Magnum ME-RC50 Digital LCD Display Panel with 50' Cable
Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote Digital LCD Display w/ 50' Cable


Midnite Solar MNBCM Battery Monitor
Midnite Solar MNWBjr Whiz Bang Jr.
Outback FN DC FLEXnet DC
Outback MATE3 System Controller
Required item for all OutBack FXR series inverters
Outback MATE2 Black Square

This MATE cannot be used with the new FXR series inverters.  You must use the MATE3.

Outback MATEB Black Oval System Controller

This MATE cannot be used with the new FXR series inverters.  You must use the MATE3.

Outback MATE Monitor Control Grey Oval

This MATE cannot be used with the new FXR series inverters.  You must use the MATE3.

**Please NOTE: This item does discolor over time - we recommend the black mate, our part number: OBP-16095 which we DO stock**

Outback MATE3 USB Card


Schneider 48Volt Adapter For TM500Amp Meter
Discontinued We have a limited quantity in stock
Schneider XW Configuration Tool 865-1155
Schneider Electric Conext ComBox
Schneider Electric Conext Battery Monitor
Schneider Electric System Control Panel For Conext XW+, & SW
Schneider Battery Temperature Sensor w/ 35' Cable
Schneider CM/R50 Digital Meter For C-series Controllers w/50Ft Cable
Flexcharge DC Digital Programmable Timer 12/24 Volt
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P320 for 60 cell modules 10.1 ISC
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P700, For Dual 72 Cell Modules
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P600, For Dual 60 Cell Modules
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P300, for 60 cell modules
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P350, for 72 cell modules
Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P400 for 60, 72, 96 cell modules
Panda Wireless USB Adapter w/antenna
Magnum ME-SBC Smart Battery Combiner

Magnum Remote Switch Adapter Pigtail Momentary
Magnum Series Stack Interface 120/240VAC, For MS4024 Only

Magnum ME-MW-E MagWeb Web Ethernet Based Monitoring Kit


OutBack AXS Port
Multimeter AM 510 with Case
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