DC Fans & Coolers

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DC Fans and Evaporative Coolers

DC Motors are almost twice as efficient as their AC counterparts. Also DC appliances like these can run "Solar Panel Direct" or on Battery Based Systems.

If you’re trying to cool a greenhouse for example you would run the exhaust fan panel direct because it only needs to run when the sun shines anyhow. If you’re running an evaporative cooler that would best be run on your battery system allowing you to run it when you need it.

You don’t need to have a full blown solar system to run these type of units either. We can design small, unit specific systems to service your needs.

Call 888-826-0939 and speak with one of our knowledgeable engineers, for help designing a system for what you need.

DC Fans & Coolers
Vari Cyclone 3 Blade DC Fan White


Vari Cyclone VC4P 4 Blade Fan


DC Vari-Fan with 5 Blades
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