Hot Water Pumps


Hot Water Pumps

High efficiency brass magnetic drive pumps for solar water heating, hydronic heating, and more. Very dependable long running continuous duty pumps. We've used them around here for years without a problem. Great for hot tub filtration too. Models for 12 and 24 volt applications, PV Panel direct and Battery applications, Brushless and Brush types.


  • PV powered circulation for solar heating closed-loop using water or glycol solution
  • Hydronic radiant floor space heating for off-grid or uninterruptible battery backup
  • Instant hot water distribution (DC controllers also available)
  • Pond management, water treatment, fountains, aeration, etc.


For solar water heating (PV-direct)

  • Use a small, inexpensive PV module (photovoltaic panel) to power the pump. No electronic controls are used. There is no wiring to the building's electric system.
  • Sun-synchronous operation: the pump speed varies with the sunlight, closely corresponding to the available heat in the collector-natural automation!
  • This principle has proven highly reliable in solar water heaters since the early 1980's.

For hydronic heating (using battery)

  • Power requirement is less than half that of conventional AC pumps powered by inverter.
  • Additional energy savings can be realized by using individual zone pumps instead of a single pump with electric zone valves. This method can reduce power consumption by 75%.
  • Energy saving greatly reduces the size and cost of the power system required.


Magnetic drive

  • These pumps feature seal-less magnetic coupling to the impeller. There is no seal friction, no seal wear, and no chance of seal leakage.

Brushless motors

  • Ivan and Hartell pumps use brushless (electronically commutated) motors that are maintenance-free.
  • March pumps use brush-type motors with typical brush life of 2-5 years. Brushes are easily replaceable without removing the pump.

Over current Protection

  • PV-direct: No fuse is required, unless PV module is oversized beyond 1.5X recommended size.
  • Battery system: Fuse is required. See watts on chart. Fuse size = watts/volts X 1.5 to 2.

Temperature and Pressure Limits

  • Maximum: 250°F (120°C) at 150 PSI (10 bar)


  • One year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Hot Water Pumps
ACT D'Mand BR3-200PF Recirculation System over 100'

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer

Please see Item Number ACT-11005 instead

Discontinued by Manufacturer
ACT D'Mand C3-100-PF Recirculation System up to 60'
ACT D'Mand Remote Wireless Receiver/Transmiter

ACT D'Mand Wireless Motion Sensor Kit

EL SID SID5PV 5W PV Direct Pump
EL SID SID10PV 10W PV Direct Pump
EL SID SID20PV 20W 12Volt PV Direct Pump
EL SID SID10B24 10W 24V Battery Pump
EL SID SID10B12 10W 12V battery model pump
EL SID SID10PV Driver Only
March 809-BR-HS-12V Battery Pump


March 809-BR-HS-12 PV Bronze Pump
1/25 Hp
March Pump 809-BR-HS-24-PV Bronze
March 809-BR-12 12VDC Pump
March Pump Motor Brush 12 VDC BR/HS
March 809-BR-24 24VDC Battery Pump
ACT D'Mand S3-100-PF Recirculation System up to 100 Lineal ft.
EL SID SID20B12 20W 12V battery model pump
ACT D'Mand WT wireless Transmitter Button

March Pump 809-PL-HS-24-C
ACT D'Mand SS3-200 Recirculation System
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