Floor Protective Battery Mat 3' X 10'



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Protective Battery Floor Mat

Everybody who sets up a battery system wants to know... What should I put under my batteries to protect my floor? Here's the answer... Our acid absorbing battery mat! We sell it in a convenient 3 foot by 10 foot roll. A perfect size for most battery installations. Can be cut to size.


In anticipation of a battery spill we spread TSB-510130 Acid Spill Absorber and Neutralizer under the batteries (on top of the mat) to neutralize acid. This mat will last the life of many battery installations. Much cheaper than a truck bed mat, which doesn't absorb anything anyhow. The mat absorbs Acid but won't leak through tough Polypropylene backing. Electrically isolates batteries, preventing parasitic discharge. Use over and over again. Protects floors and equipment from acid corrosion.


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