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We started in business in the late 1960’s as an Electrical DC Motor Rebuilder. Today we offer one of the largest, most comprehensive listings of electric DC motors at the internet’s best pricing. Whether you need more speed, torque or both out of your electric golf cart, we’re the place to go, for all your needs.

If you have an older cart and a new replacement motor is no longer available, we can rebuild your old one, regardless of the condition.

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Golf Cart Motors
AMD 7122 Golf Car Replacement for D297 Motor
AMD 7119 Replacement Golf Car for D380 Motor


AMD 3266 Golf Car Replacement for D381 Motor
AMD 7122 Replacement Golf Car for D295 Motor
AMD 3265 Replacement Golf Cart for D385 Motor
AMD Club Car IQ 3258 Stock Replacement


AMD 31036 Golf Car Replacement for D377 Motor
AMD 7126 Replacement Golf Cart D398 Motor


Yamaha Bracket for D377 Replacement Motor
AMD 7124 Golf Cart Replacement for D394 Motor
AMD 3256 Golf Cart Motor Replacement for D387
AMD 7114 Motor Replaces D395 Golf Cart Motor
AMD 3264 E-Z-GO Stock Replacement Motor for D294
AMD 3294 Golf Cart Replacement Motor for D391
AMD 3255 Golf Car Rplacement for D-378 Motor


Solenoid 24V4P TD
AMD 3265 36V Taylor Dunn
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