Alternator Regulators & Accessories


Heavy Duty 3 Stage Alternator Regulators for Marine and RV

We have been building Custom Heavy Duty Alternators for the Marine, RV and Heavy Duty Truck Industries since the late 1960s. We know what it takes to keep batteries charged and healthy.

The Heavy Duty 3 Stage Regulators we offer are the first class way to protect your battery investment. The other components we stock offer protection for your electronics as well. We also have various mounting options for your new charging system

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Alternator Regulators & Accessories
Balmar 5537-B Serpentine .875in Pulley K-8
Balmar 5539 Serpentine .875in Pully K-8 X
Balmar Digital Duo Charge II. Battery Charger


Balmar MC-612 DUAL H Multi-Stage Regulator with 54" Harnesses


Balmar MC614H Regulator with Harness
Balmar MC624H Regulator with Harness
Balmar ARS-5 Regulator 12Volt without Harness
Balmar ARS5H 12Volt Regulator with Harness
Balmar Alternator Temp Sensor MC-TS-A
Balmar Battery Temperature Sensor MC-TS-B
Balmar UAA Universal Adjustment Arm
Balmar Alternator Offshore Repair Kit
Price range from $140 to $202 Call
Balmar MC614 Multi Regulator No Harness
Balmar Transient Spike Protector 24Volt
Balmar Transient Spike Protector 12Volt
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