Hot Water Filters


Hot Water Filters

A NEW Filter for use in Hydronic Heating Systems, Industrial heat exchangers, Cooling Tower Make up and Evaporator Water, Domestic or Commercial Hot Water Heaters, Machine Coolant, Cutting Fluids, Spas and Jacuzzis. Features centrifuge spin down type sediment separation. The optional CPVC flush valve allows quick one step purge cleaning.

We also offer a hot water treatment filter for Tankless Hot water Heaters to keep Calcium and Magnesium from precipitating out of the water when it heats.

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Hot Water Filters
Aqua Pure AP430SS Hot Water Protection System



Aqua Pure AP431 Replacement Cartridge


Rusco Parts FV.5 HT High Temprature CPVC Flush Valve
RUSCO Spin Down 3/4" Complete Filters-High Temperature
RUSCO Sediment Trapper 3/4" Complete Filters-High Temperature
RUSCO Spin Down 3/4" Filter Screen Only-High Temperature
RUSCO Sediment Trapper 3/4" Screen Only-High Temperature
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