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The IOTA Battery charger is the battery charger brand of choice here at The Solar Biz. The Iota Engineering line of quality battery chargers offers dependable units and, as always, at our attractive pricing. Iota Engineering uses advanced switch mode technology to bring to market highly sophisticated electronic converter/power supplies at an affordable price. Their DLS line of battery chargers offer an exceptionally clean DC output that quickly and efficiently charges your battery bank.

The DLS charger then maintains the battery state of charge by only putting into the battery what is required by the load or self-discharge, cutting back to milliamps as the battery requires.

If you going to be charging your batteries with a generator, it makes sense to charge the batteries as fast as possible, without doing damaging to them. A faster charge, will of course save money spent on fuel, plus save wear and tear on the generator itself because the run time will be considerably shorter.

With voltage-limiting chargers like these, for fast charging, it is safe to charge at up to 30% of the battery capacity in amp hours. That is, you can safely charge a 100 amp hour battery with a 30 amp charger, or a 220 amp hour battery with a 75 amp charger.

If fast charging is not a concern it is fine to use a smaller charger. It will however, take considerably longer to charge your batteries.

The DLS line of battery chargers are fully protected against:

  • Reverse Polarity
  • Low AC line voltage
  • AC power source spikes
  • Over Current
  • Over Temperature

The DLS chargers operate at much cooler temperatures as compared to other brands of chargers which equates to a substantially longer life and safer operation.

The DLS chargers can also be used as a power supply without a battery to supply your DC load with just the right amount of power that it requires. A Dual Voltage Jack on all of the units allows the user to manually change the charging voltage from 13.6 to 14.2 volts. These chargers/power supplies meet FCC criteria for minimal radio and television interference especially on the lower frequency bands. All DLS converters are compatible with IQ4 Smart Control Technology and we even have a dual charger controller to parallel
two Iota Chargers for twice as fast charging.

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Battery Chargers
Battery Charger Custom 4 Ga Cable Set
Price: $48.97 – $69.97
Battery Charger Lugs Custom 2 Gauge


Battery Charger Lugs Custom 4 Gauge
IOTA 12volt DLS 15 Battery Charger 15 Amp


IOTA 12volt DLS 30 Battery Charger 30 Amp


IOTA 12volt DLS 45 Battery Charger 45 Amp


IOTA 12volt DLS 55 Battery Charger 55 Amp


IOTA 12volt DLS 55 European 240/50 Hz Battery Charger 55 Amp
IOTA 12volt DLS 75 Battery Charger 75 Amp


IOTA 12volt DLS-240-30 Battery Charger 30 Amp
IOTA 12volt DLS-240-55 Battery Charger 55 Amp
IOTA 12volt DLS-90 Battery Charger 90 Amps


IOTA 240VAC 27VDC 40A Converter/Charger
IOTA 24volt DLS 27 15 Battery Charger 15 Amp


IOTA 24volt DLS 27 25 Battery Charger 25 Amp


IOTA 24volt DLS 27 40 Battery Charger 40 Amp
IOTA 24volt DLS-UI-27-40 Universal Input Battery Charger
IOTA 48volt DLS 48 20 Battery Charger 20 Amp


IOTA 54volt DLS 54 13 Battery Charger 13 Amp
IOTA IQ4 Parallel Smart Charger Controller


IOTA IQ4 Smart Charger for 12-48 Volt


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