LG 300 Watt MonoX Neon Solar Panel Black Frame


2 – 11$357.97
12 – 24$345.97
25 +$337.97


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LG 300 Watt MonoX Neon Solar Panel Black Frame

LG Electronics, Inc. is one of the largest global leaders in technology and innovation today, producing a wide span of electronics, communication and information technology. As a future oriented company the new Solar Electric production line has arrived. LG Solar electric modules are not only made to be highly efficient, but they are structurally beautiful, robust, and offer a stout warranty backed by a solid global leader in technology.

LG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones, flat screen TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators.

LG’s new solar modules offer high-efficiency, reliable power backed by a generous warranty. LG stands by its products with the strength of a global corporation and sterling warranty policies. LG uses mono-crystalline cells, high-transmission glass, and anodized aluminum framing to produce high-efficient and reliable power. Their modules are tested to CEC, IEC, FSEC, TUV and UL standards.

Reliable Warranty

10 year parts and workmanship manufacturing warranty.

25 year, 80% power output warranty.

Light and robust proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.

100% EL Test Completed. All LG modules pass Electroluminescence inspection. This EL inspection detects cracks and other imperfections unseen by the naked eye.

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