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Remember the old side by side refrigerator-freezers from the ‘70’s? They usually came in one of two colors, avocado or gold. Those puppies would take 10,000 watts of electricity a day. They were all designed back in the ‘60’s when energy was cheap. Efficiency was of no importance at all. Plus, they had an electric heater that came on in the refrigerator for 20 minutes out of every hour, keeping it “frost free.”

10,000 watts! Completely useless in this day and age. Most off-grid houses typically use about 8000 watts a day for the entire house. As a matter of fact, most on-grid houses only use 27,000 watts a day. So, you can see that these hogs could consume almost half the electricity in a normal house.

Going back 15 years ago or more, if you wanted to have efficient refrigeration that wouldn’t bring your batteries down at night, the only choice was a propane refrigerator. Over the years, the only refrigerators that we sell parts for are propane refrigerators. They’re finicky and you have to keep fiddling with them. The only good thing about them is that you don’t have to put your ice cream in the microwave to soften it. There are now far better choices than propane

Enter, Sun Frost Refrigerator, a small company in Arcada, California. Efficient refrigerators like these render propane refrigerators antiquated and non-essential. Sun Frost is a super insulated efficient refrigerator that runs on DC electricity. They use German marine-grade compressors and they run on very little power.

We have had one at our place for 21 years. After 16 years I gave our first one to our daughter for her off-grid house. We bought the identical refrigerator with a stainless steel finish. Our Sun Frost draws about 522 watts a day. This is an astonishing achievement, considering it has two compressors, one for the freezer, one for the refrigerator, and it’s about as big as a Subzero Commercial refrigerator.

The other brand refrigerator that we carry is SunDanzer. At first SunDanzer just made chest style freezers and refrigerators with loads of insulation and the same DC compressors as the Sun Frost. SunDanzer has now moved into small upright refrigerators as well. There are some SunDanzers that will run on a single solar panel in most locations.

Efficient refrigerators like these render propane refrigerators antiquated and non-essential.

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