Diversion (dump) Loads


Diversion (DUMP) Load

In hydroelectric and wind-powered battery charging systems the alternators cannot ever look at an open circuit, meaning they cannot be disconnected from the batteries while running without damaging the rectifier. So, the battery charging needs to be regulated with a diversion load type controller, like the Schneider C-35, C-40 and C-60.

A diversion type controller can also be used in a PV System. If the solar array is much larger than necessary to charge the battery, excess power can be used to heat water by using a water heating diversion load.

In operation, when battery voltage reaches the full charge setting the diversion (charge) controller begins to divert power to the diversion load. Order one or more loads with a total current (amps) draw a greater than your charging systems maximum output, but not more than the maximum power rating of the charge controller in the diversion mode.

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Diversion (dump) Loads
Air Heating Diversion Load HL-100
Air Heating Diversion Load HL-75

Low Voltage Water Heater Element 24/48Volt 45/22.5Amp
Low Voltage Water Heating Element 12/24Volt 60/30Amp
MidNite Solar Clipper MNCLIP1.5KDC
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