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Trojan T 105 6V Battery

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Trojan T-105 Battery

Trojan T-105 6V Battery is the smallest deep cycle battery we sell. With its low initial cost and 3 - 5 year life it serves well for all manner of golf carts. We recommend the T-105 batteries listed on this page for Golf Cars only.

As this battery is a Golf Cart Battery we do not recommend this Trojan T-105 Battery for Renewable Energy Solar applications. If you, have a very small Renewable Energy system, and want to learn about operating batteries start with the Trojan T105RE instead of this one.

The Trojan T105RE (TRO-10225) is the one you should consider for small 48 volt Renewable Energy solar electric systems. RE stands for renewable energy and it has thicker plates

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Trojan T105 battery with no core. We have a low-price guarantee

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