Suburban Home with Solar Panel System in New Mexico

400 Watt Solar Panel Kit, 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit, and Off Grid Solar Systems in New Mexico

If you’re looking for off grid solar systems in New Mexico then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer you a range of solar options from 5 watts to more than 400 watts, including 100 watt solar panel kits and 400 watt solar panel kits, we offer you freedom to live the life you want, where you want. We create custom solar panel designs that not only fit your energy needs, but your lifestyle.

At Solar Biz, we are a family-owned business with a team of experienced and knowledgeable design engineers dedicated to making your solar dreams a reality. By seeking to understand your needs, we create customized off grid solar systems and offer off grid solar panel kits that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us to request a quote and learn more about how solar can change your life!

Need more help determining what wattage is right for you? Check out our off grid calculator. To learn more about 100 watt solar panel kits or 400 watt solar panel kits (perfect for New Mexico homes and businesses), read on!

100 Watt Solar Panel Kit in New Mexico

100 Watt Solar Panel Kit in New Mexico

We not only offer 100 watt solar panel kits to New Mexico, but we offer customized 100 watt kits throughout the nation. As the perfect option for small buildings and structures, 100 watt solar panel kits can be paired with a battery for optimal function.

Here are some things you should know about 100 watt solar panel kits:

  • 100 watt solar panel kits only cost a few hundred dollars.
  • A single panel can produce 280-450W per day, depending on location.
  • These panels can run small appliances such as lights, fans, laptops, chargers, etc.

400 Watt Solar Panel Kit in New Mexico

400 Watt Solar Panel in New Mexico

Our 400 watt solar panel kits provide your home or business with a reliable energy flow. Considered an above-average wattage option, 400 watt solar panel kits are customized to fit your space and energy consumption needs. Depending on their position, tilt, and sun exposure, 400 watt solar panels can produce 1.2 and 3 kilowatt hours (kWh) daily. These panels can fit on your roof or be installed as a ground-mounted solar system.

Pre-Packaged Solar Power Systems and Solar Panel Kits

Pre-wired Power Panels from the Factory are the way to go for many good reasons. They’re done right, and they save hours of installation time. With experience in providing solar energy solutions dating back to 1969, we are pioneers in making on grid and off grid system packages available for all homeowners and business, no matter your budget or requirements. In addition to our solar kits, we offer customizable designs with solar panels in a variety of wattages, including:

Off Grid Solar Systems in New Mexico

Considered one of the mountain states, New Mexico has been called the Land of Enchantment. Home to 15 national parks, New Mexico is a recreational playground that provides the adventurous spirit with plenty of opportunities in outdoor adventure. With a friendly and energetic vibe, New Mexico is also a fantastic place to live with affordable living options for any budget.

At Solar Biz, we provide New Mexico with off grid solar systems. Creating customized solar kits that fit your unique needs, our off grid solar systems are crafted with your requirements in mind. To learn more about the power of solar and the off grid solar systems that are right for your home or building, contact us today!



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