2 Ga Max Lug 3/8" Hole

Minimum Order 6 Lugs

Item Number: TSB-05953F
Manufacturer: Quick Cable Corporation
Model Number: 5953-001F
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 02/25/2019
2 Ga Max Lug 3/8" Hole

Max Lug cable lugs are well suited for alternative energy, emergency and backup power systems as well as heavy duty truck service. Max Lugs have greater contact area than conventional lugs, which makes for lower power losses at the connections. Max Lugs can be crimped, soldered or both, although a properly crimped connection has the ability to carry more amps. Max Lugs , medium duty lugs with a thicker and wider tab than standard tube lugs. These offer greater contact and less resistance also. A good choice for high amperage draw circuits such as with an inverter. Max Lugs have a 3/8 or 1/2 inch hole in the tab. If you're looking for a super heavy duty lug, look at our Magna Lugs instead.

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