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Welcome! We’re glad you found us, and we’re sure you’ll be happy as well. As one of the oldest and most experienced renewable energy equipment companies on the planet, we offer Lifetime Support and a low price guarantee for the products we sell.

While this is an internet store much like other stores we sincerely want you to know that we’re well aware, that with renewable energy equipment, most of the folks on planet earth are unfamiliar with what it is, or what goes well with what.

You have tapped into an invaluable resource here at Solar Biz™. So if you’re unsure of what you need feel free to speak to one of our experienced engineers, all of whom live off the grid. Call toll free 888-826-0939.

Living Sustainably: The Key to Our Expertise and Our Low Prices!

It's been a half a century since Tom Duffy first began making and selling merchandise for renewable energy systems. That lifelong passion and commitment to renewable energy and green living is in evidence all around Solar Biz™. We put our products to the test every day. Our staff's knowledge comes from the best possible source: extensive personal experience with everything we sell.

We know our products beyond the data sheets. We know what works best, where and with what. While other dealers struggle with finding experienced talented employees, we've already been there, with every product we sell. We're not going to have to guess at what you need, we already know what will work for you and your particular needs.

Solar is not a "Cookie Cutter" product, that's why the mass merchandisers have had such a bad time of it in trying to sell packaged solar to "the masses" because you're not "the masses". Everybody's needs are different and to be super efficient, you need a design that's "just right" for you. Put our half century of experience in the sustainable living marketplace to work for you!

Our low price guarantee is unconditional and it's no gimmick. It's the result of 50 years in the sustainable living marketplace, tracking down the most reliable products and the best deals worldwide.

As one of the oldest and large renewable energy distributors, we can pass our volume savings on to our customers. Conserving resources at one of our fully self-sustaining offices and warehouse in Wisconsin, New Mexico and Bocas del Toro, Panama is not only good for the environment; it helps us (and you!) save big money.

Rather than see who can come up with the "cheapest quote" the smart thing to do is, speak with a solar electrical engineer to come up with the "right system" for you.

You have to be very careful with solar companies and their bids. With the hundreds of start-up companies over the past 3 or 4 years, most of them are newcomers to the industry. There are a lot of companies out there with sales people looking at computer screens selling packages, who have never even seen the product.

Solar is a new product on the planet, and most people don't possess the knowledge to make an informed decision, so they must rely on someone else, whom they hope knows what they are talking about.

It is easy for a company to come up with a lowball "Bid" and present it to you. If you don't know what is or isn't needed on that bid, it might look impressively cheap.

In the end, it's the things that have been left out of the bid to keep the initial costs down, that you wind up buying it from your electrician or electrical supply house typically at a higher cost to you than you would have paid from a solar distributor. You see, you need all the product to make it safe and to make it work well.

For maximum efficiency every component of your system needs to be chosen carefully to work together to fit your needs and your location.


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