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Living Sustainably: The Key to Our Expertise and Our Low Prices!
It's been half a century since Tom Duffy first began making and selling merchandise for renewable energy systems. That lifelong passion and commitment to renewable energy and green living is the foundation of Solar Biz™. We put our products to the test every day. Our staff's knowledge comes from the best possible source: extensive personal experience with everything we sell.

We know our products beyond the data sheets. While other dealers struggle with finding experienced and talented employees, we've already been there - with every product we sell. We don’t have to guess what you need, we already know what will work for you and your particular needs.
Personalized System
Solar is not a "Cookie Cutter" product. Often merchandisers try to sell it like it is a mass offering; in reality you need something personalized for you. Rather than see who can come up with the "cheapest quote", the smart thing to do is speak with a solar electrical engineer to come up with the right system for you.

Our low price guarantee is unconditional and it's no gimmick. It's the result of 50 years in the sustainable living marketplace, tracking down the most reliable products and the best deals worldwide.

As one of the oldest and largest renewable energy distributors, we can pass our volume savings on to our customers. Conserving resources at our fully self-sustaining offices and warehouse in Wisconsin, New Mexico and Bocas del Toro, Panama is not only good for the environment; it helps us (and you!) save big money.


Thank you for your prompt and professional response & I have learned over the years that the real test of a person, or company, is how they respond when things don't go quite as expected. You were very helpful to me, even protective. I appreciate that, and I will be sending business your way as often as I can.

 - Mel

Again... Thanks a bunch for your help. You guys have been the classiest act in the Solar [Industry] for years and years and I'm very glad that that has not changed.

 - Bruce

As always the Solar Biz comes through with excellent customer service. Thank you.

 - Mark K, Illinois

Thank you so much for the care and thoughtfulness you put into what you do. I so appreciate the integrity. It's guys like you that make it possible for guys like me.”

 - Matt, California

Tom's the only one I have ever talked to who knows what he's talking about. He gives you what works, what you need to hear.”

 - Bob, Arizona

Wow! I have never spoken with anyone who knows about this stuff like you and I have never spoken with anyone who could explain it to me so that I could understand it too!”

 - Steve, Colorado

You... have been wonderful... I won't forget your great service…”

 - Fred

I fell in love with your company when I was on the phone with Tom. I had this large quote and he started telling me all the things I could do to cut the cost.”

 - Robert

Hooray! you guys are great, and I plan to buy more stuff from you in the future when I upgrade some things.

 - Ted

It is so nice to find pleasant people to do business with and you folks are very pleasant, thank you!

 - Larry

Having a contact like you is invaluable

 - Evan

Excellent. Well done. Thank you!

 - Fay

Patty, I have never ever spoke to ANYONE who has your knowledge of off-grid living in my life. This includes solar companies, battery companies or electricians. You're awesome! Thank you again for such excellent customer service.

 - Rich

The prices are good and the support is great.

 - Doug

...You folks take customer service seriously. Thank you for listening to my concerns and addressing them. I would not hesitate to order from you in the future.

 - Bob, Colorado

Boy, I tell you, I have jumped all over the US trying to talk to people about alternative energy and I have found very few people who really understand it like you.

 - Mike

Talk about sweet, you are the sweetest... I am an old fart with some experience judging these things. Thanks and here is a hug of appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

 - Paul

I have been watching your company for years. I really like the way you do business and I have recommended you to everyone around here. A lot of people in my area have done business with you and they've all been very happy.

 - Al, Alaska

Over the Sun highly recommends the family owned and operated The Solar Biz for those of you who prefer to design and install your own system. Patty, Tom, [&] Boe eat, live, and breathe solar PV systems, running both their family homes and office completely off-grid in Southern New Mexico. As a reseller for all the top name brands, they offer a good selection, intelligent design assistance, and great support.

 - Over the Sun Innovations

You people are out of this world... I can't believe your service et.al.

 - Jim

It is always a pleasure doing business with you. I recommend you to all my off-grid friends and neighbors.

 - Walker

Yours is by far the best price I could find on this unit, and I really appreciate your charging the real cost of packing and shipping. This has been a pleasant experience.

 - Bill

I really appreciate your help... During the brief time I spoke with you over the phone I knew you were the [company] to help me, thank you.

 - Jim

Thank you... The installation went without a hitch. I appreciate all the hand-holding and advice I got from all of you. I do not do this kind of work very often so I need a bit of a hand. Thank you for everything.

 - Doc

I also dealt with The Solar Biz in the past, and they seem like very reasonable and customer-focused vendors.

 - Jim

Many many thanks for all of you help with this - I am sure that without the diligent responses from everyone at The Solar Biz I would be without my batteries. Very big thank you from me to all of your staff... It has been reassuring to know that you guys were on the case.

 - Jason

I recommend them to anyone searching for a low-cost supplier for Trojan batteries. I'm not affiliated with them in any way other than being a satisfied customer.

 - Mark

Thank you…all at The Solar Biz, you have come through for me again. It just seems like nothing gets in your way. You make sure your customers are taken care of. This is why I, and I'm sure other customers as well, keep returning to Solar Biz: it's all about your people.

 - Clinton, Baja California

The arrangements made by The Solar Biz solved some tough logistics problems for me. I greatly appreciate the excellent support provided by the Solar Biz team, and look forward to using your services again in the future. Your prices are very competitive and your service stands out.

 - Don, California

Thanks again for the time and help you have given Clark. He appreciates all of you.

 - PB

I have had the very best experience working with the Solar Biz and would recommend your business first to everyone.

 - Rick

Until talking to you, no one was connecting the dots for me.

 - Dwight, Virginia

Thanks for your superior assistance...regarding my recent purchase. The motor and panel you suggested work perfectly. Your suggestion about the cable loop was brilliant. I can't imagine that I won't be buying more of those motors from you down the road.

 - Ed

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