Crystal Cold Propane Refrigerator/ Freezer 12 cu ft

Crystal Cold Propane Refrigerator/ Freezer 12 cu ft
Price: $1,479.97
Item Number:CCP-10012
Manufacturer:Crystal Cold Propane Appliances
Model Number:CC12R
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:04/01/2019


The Crystal Cold Propane Refrigerator/FreezerCC12R is available in white or bisque. Crystal Cold Refrigerators arebuilt by a small Amish company that takes electric refrigerators and convertsthem to gas absorption systems. These refrigerators-freezers are assembledusing a new Frigidaire cabinet retrofitted with a gas absorption cooling unit.They are the largest and most gas-efficient units available. These units aredesigned to withstand hot climates.

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