SunDanzer Ice Cream Thermostat

Item Number: SUD-54999
Manufacturer: SunDanzer
Model Number: 077B0007
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 03/19/2018

SunDanzer Ice Cream Thermostat. Order this easy to change thermostat for your SunDanzer for your freezer to run down to -10 degrees F for ice cream and long term storage. With SunDanzer, just by changing the thermostat, your refrigerator becomes a freezer or your freezer becomes a refrigerator. We even have an ice cream -10 thermostat to make you freezer even colder. It does use more energy however. We often have customers purchase another thermostat with their units just in case they want to make the change. If you order an extra when you order your freezer or refrigerator it ships for free.

Please call our toll free number 888-826-0939 to discuss any questions you have about this wonderful product, the SunDanzer IceCream Thermostat