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Atkinson GSCM Rev. C Generator Start Control

Item Number: ATE-50055
Manufacturer: Atkinson Electronics
Model Number: GSCM Rev. C 5.12
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 12/19/2019

The Atkinson GSCM is a fully programmable micro-processor generator start controller. It accepts auto or manual commands & monitors multiple start/stop fault conditions.

Automatically controls a generator or pump, and is totally sealed for harsh environment operation. Contact signal relays start the engine and disconnect the starter at minimum generator frequency output. Monitors generator operation, with auto-stop function upon fault. LEDs are flashed to indicate the cause of the shutdown.

Powered by 12 or 24 volt DC from a battery bank and will start generators for 12 to 48 volt systems. For 48 volt systems the GSCM must be powered by a 24 volt-or-less tap on the 48 volt battery bank. The GSCM provides a 30-day exercise function which can be synchronized with a photovoltaic input. Automatic adjustable voltage set-points for generator-battery charging applications, 0-60 volt DC.

Atkinson suggests installing a 10 Amp Fuse between the Generator and the GSCM.

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