Atkinson PVCM10 Charge Controller 10Amp

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Item Number: ATE-30001
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Atkinson Electronics
Made In: United States
Model Number: PVCM10

Atkinson PVCM10 Charge Controller 10Amp

We have not heard of any failures and weve sold hundreds of these little Charge Controllers, for solar electric fence chargers, fountain pumps, solar gate openers and similar applications. Completely potted so it's water-proof (don't put in direct sunlight) for indoor and outdoor applications.

v In-line PV charge controller, eliminates the need for blocking diodes
v Micro-controller for digital accuracy and reliability
v Fully automatic operation on 12V or 24V DC systems
v Built-in Temperature compensation
v LED indication of Solar charge
v Will handle up to 10Amps @ 28V DC from PV panels
v Sealed / Flooded batteries selectable
v Pulse action reduces battery sulfation

The Atkinson Electronics PVCM10 photovoltaic (PV) charge controller is used to connect PV panels to 12V or 24V DC storage batteries. The PVCM determines which mode to operate in, 12V or 24V, by measuring the battery voltage that powers it.

The Atkinson Electronics PVCM10 performs four basic battery charging functions:
 * Senses when the battery is fully charged and disconnects the PV charge current to avoid over-charging the battery.
* Resumes charging the battery when the battery voltage has dropped sufficiently to accept additional charge current.
* Checks the availability of PV charge current, by cycling the relay every 4 minutes. If there is insufficient charge current available, it's internal relay will disconnect the battery to prevent discharge through the PV panels at night.
* Compensates for battery temperature and adjusts the charge threshold voltages when mounted in battery case.

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