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Aurora Enclosed 13kW 120/240V Diesel Generator

Item Number: AUR-60013
Manufacturer: Aurora Generators
Model Number: AGi13P-1-240-E
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 09/05/2018

Aurora Enclosed 13kW 120/240V Diesel Generator

New high performance clean diesel power from a quieter compact design. Power you can depend on for home, commercial or offgrid applications. These generators can be used full-time or part-time, no matter what your application is. Includes many standard equipped features such as; a main circuit breaker, receptacles for standalone hook up, battery, muffler, vibration isolators, engine temperature sending unit and coolant service tank.

Generator Features:

Advanced generator controller by DynaGen provides complete monitoring and control. Fully automatic or manual operation
Two-wire start for use with any existing control systems if required
Can also be used as a portable generator with built-in fuel tank and receptacles
Monitored Sensors, Oil Pressure, Temperature, Coolant Level, Voltage and Engine Speed
Can be used full or part-time. 500 hours between oil changes.
Quieter than gas powered generators
Weather resistant, sound attenuated protective enclosure
All stainless steel fasteners.
Lockable doors
Generator Vibration Isolators
Safe clean power for all home appliances and electronics
Silenced exhaust system
Installed EZ Oil Drain Valve requires no tools

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