Battery Charger Lugs Custom 4 Gauge

Battery Charger Lugs Custom 4 Gauge
Price: $3.37
Minimum order quantity 2
Item Number:TSB-102804
Weight:0.10 lbs
Manufacturer:Solar Biz
Model Number:102804-050
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:02/16/2018


Battery Charger Lugs Custom 4 Gauge

Crimp on terminals made precisely for attaching wires to Our Battery Chargers . 100 % Copper terminal - tin plated, may be crimped or soldered. Unique self centering design. Perfect fit for IOTA and PowerMax Chargers and most small inverter connections as well. The permanent connection prevents arcing and shorting.

This is absolutely the perfect set-up for your new IOTA charger. Just fit the special terminals into the terminal blocks on the IOTA charger and you"re ready to charge you batteries. Sure beats scrounging around the hardware store trying to figure out how to hook up your charger.

PLEASE NOTE: TWO (2) are required for most installations... The minimum order is Two Lugs marked Positive and Negative

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