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Batteries are our favorite topic! We have been in the battery business for 50 years. We actually got into the renewable energy business because we were in the battery business. It seems like everybody you talk to who has a bank of batteries is constantly having some sort of crisis with their batteries. Is it the batteries? We think not. Although almost 87% of all batteries die prematurely, it is not the battery’s fault; they die from abuse. Don't despair we will help you choose the best battery for your unique application.

Even a well-intentioned battery owner, who cares for his batteries religiously, can have problems. What are the two principal causes of abuse? Either a poorly designed battery bank or inappropriate charging or both.

The Solar Biz is your best resource to completely avoid the above scenarios. Having designed over 11,000 off-grid systems we have the technical ability and design experience you absolutely need for your battery purchase.

Batteries may be divided into seven general categories for Renewable Energy. The first two relate to size:

  1. Industrial, which are large and heavy, and have long life expectancy.
  2. All the rest, which have a shorter life expectancy and can be moved easily by human power alone.

The next five categories refer to materials and construction:

Wet Cell, GEL, and AGM batteries are all Lead Acid Batteries so the technology is the same. Do remember that you must be able to charge your (lead acid) batteries fully at least once every ten days, so just buying a big battery causes you to have a big charging system, or the batteries will surely fail.

AWet Cell Batteries need maintenance and attention; i.e. the never-ending periodic adding of distilled water and keeping the cables clean. They are a good choice economically and they're less expensive than AGM or GEL batteries.

BAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries these are valve-regulated sealed batteries. They are not maintenance free. AGMs do not need the periodic addition of water. Without the fine mist of sulfuric acid, connector cables stay cleaner. Because they are sealed, AGM batteries are not hazardous shipments and they will not freeze even when deeply discharged. AGM batteries cost about a third more than their wet cell counterparts.

C. Gel Cell Batteries Also valve regulated sealed batteries. The sulfuric acid is mixed with silica sand to make a "mud". There are a number of characteristics I don't like about these. They're not kind to a hard charge and you can "cook" them easily. If you do heat them up the "mud" dries out and cracks, just like all mud, and leaves voids next to the grids, thus killing off some of the capacity. These batteries do have folks that love them and swear by them, but they are a small group who know how to maintain them. For most folks, I would recommend buying AGM instead.

D. Salt Water Batteries The first truly eco-friendly battery, containing no toxic materials at all. All batteries are made up of two dissimilar materials and a liquid, Lead Acid batteries are two types of lead and sulfuric acid. Aquion (salt water) batteries utilize cheap common raw materials which are readily available the design is Manganese and Carbon and the liquid is essentially Salt Water. They're Industrial sized batteries (heavy) with a long lifespan. Little or no maintenance plus the ability to add more capacity later if you need it.

E. Lithium Batteries Lots of talk these days about this type, the downside is that they're not as magical as the hype. They're lighter, they will maintain voltage until depleted, Which is an interesting selling point but at a 100% depth of discharge, the lights go out. They still cost twice as much as lead-acid batteries. With economies of scale, the price should come down some. Unfortunately, there only a few places on earth with significant deposits of Lithium, thus holding us hostage to foreign sources much like the situation with foreign oil. And they're not earth friendly, and some of them are really dangerous in a house fire.

If you're buying Trojan or Crown batteries ask us about Our Local Pick-up Options. Available almost everywhere in the 48 States. Small Pick up Fee may apply. If pick-up it is not convenient we also have flat-rate Truck Shipping 

 Call us About Batteries 888-826-0939 we can really help.

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Crown Batteries

Manufactured in: Various

Renewable energy is the power of the future.  But even the most powerful solar cells do not generate at night.  Crown deep cycle batteries deliver consistent and reliable power both day and night and that means that you can keep your system running day and night - without compromise.


  1. Part#CRO-02810

    Price: $615.97
  2. Part#CRO-02910

    Price: $643.97
  3. Part#CRO-021000

    Price: $679.97
  4. Part#CRO-021400

    Price: $555.97
  5. Part#CRO-022350

    Price: $1,120.00

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Trojan Battery Company

Manufactured in: Various

Trojan Batteries are available to pick up at locations across the 48 states with free freight, plus a small pickup fee. Not every location stocks all the batteries we sell, but we can ship them on stock trucks from Trojan Battery to your chosen location at no cost to you. Smaller location may only receive trucks once or twice a month.
If you wish to have your batteries truck shipped (which will incur freight charges) to your location, due to US DOT and UN regulations, Lead Acid Batteries must be shipped by a Hazmat certified shipper and therefore cannot be returned. We will ship directly from Trojan’s factory by LTL freight. We can ship to a commercial location (the most economical way) or with extra freight cost, to some home addresses (delivery by truck may not always be possible to some residential locations).
We cannot ship to Post Office boxes or UPS stores as their employees are not certified to receive Hazmat shipments for you.


  1. Trojan Industrial SIND 06 610 [IND9-6V] 6V 445 AH Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 06 610 [IND9-6V] 6V 445 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $495.97
  2. Trojan-Industrial-Battery-SIND-06-920

    Trojan Industrial SIND 06 920 [IND13-6V] 6V 673 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $719.97
  3. Trojan Industrial SIND 06 1225 [IND17-6V] 6V 897 AH Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 06 1225 [IND17-6V] 6V 897 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $923.97
  4. Trojan Industrial SIND 04 1685 [IND23-4V] 4V 1270 AH Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 04 1685 [IND23-4V] 4V 1270 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $857.97
  5. Trojan-Industrial-IND29-4V-SIND-04-2145-Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 04 2145 [IND29-4V] 4V 1570 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $1,059.97
  6. Trojan Industrial SIND 02 1990 [IND27-2V] 2V 1520 AH Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 02 1990 [IND27-2V] 2V 1520 AH Battery

    .These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $545.97
  7. Trojan Industrial SIND 02 2450 [IND33-2V] 2V 1849 AH Battery

    Trojan Industrial SIND 02 2450 [IND33-2V] 2V 1849 AH Battery

    These batteries are built to order allow 4 to 6 weeks lead time.


    Price: $647.97

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HuP SolarOne Battery

Manufactured in: United States

HuP Solar One, for solar energy storage you really can't make a better choice than these batteries. We use them here at Solar Biz to power our New Mexico warehouse and offices, they have never miss a beat. We're not saying that these are the best batteries in the world, but there are none better.


  1. Part#NWE-11012

    Price: $2,689.97
  2. Part#NWE-21024

    Price: $5,379.97
  3. Part#NWE-41048

    Price: $10,759.97

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OutBack Power

Manufactured in: Various

OutBack Power. The Arlington, Washington based company, founded in 2001 as a maker of “pure sine wave” off grid inverter products, has expanded to grid-tie and hybrid inverters, maximum power point tracking charge controllers, communications and network products and integration hardware to keep it all working smoothly together. OutBack Power – Masters of the Off Grid.



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Rolls Surrette Battery Company

Manufactured in: Various

Rolls Surrette premium deep cycle batteries for use in Renewable Energy, Marine, Motive Power and Railroad applications.  Flooded and sealed AGM & GEL VRLA products which are internationally recognized for their dependability, outstanding quality plus industry-leading manufacturer warranties.


  1. Part#SUR-30016

    Price: $653.97
  2. Part#SUR-30017

    Price: $695.97
  3. Part#SUR-30018

    Price: $863.97
  4. Part#SUR-30012

    Price: $487.97
  5. Part#SUR-30013

    Price: $831.97
  6. Part#SUR-30014

    Price: $979.97
  7. Part#SUR-30004

    Price: $709.97
  8. Part#SUR-30005

    Price: $867.97
  9. Part#SUR-30006

    Price: $1,005.97
  10. Part#SUR-30008

    Price: $953.97
  11. Part#SUR-30009

    Price: $1,357.97
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