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Lifeline GPL-27T AGM Mobile 12Volt 100AH

Item Number: CON-60003
Manufacturer: Lifeline
Model Number: GPL-27T
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 01/20/2020

Lifeline GPL-27T AGM Mobile 12Volt 100AH

The Lifeline® GPL-27T, 12Volt 100Amp Hour Deep Cycle Battery. Not one of those cheap-o so called marine/cranking batteries, it"s a true deep cycle battery with thick plates for long life.

Typically used for boat trolling motors (heavy, but not too heavy to carry to the boat), any situation where a moderately sized deep cycle battery is required. A sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery, user safe, non-spillable, valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA-AGM).

Relatively maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals). Plates are thicker than competitors for true deep cycle discharge ability. Utilizes pure lead calcium grids and features proprietary PolyGuard - Microporous Polyethylene Separators with Copper alloy T terminals. These are shock and vibration resistant, and can be installed and operated on their side. Valve regulated (VR), sealed non-spillable design does not freeze, never needs watering, is maintenance free, and operates in virtually any position - upright, on its side, or end.

The Lifeline technology offers low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance no current limit with controlled voltage charging, and copper alloy corrosion free connections for maximum conductivity.


65 Lbs.12.01
Long x 6.6 Wide x 9.25 High.
100 Amp-hours at the 20 hour rate.
Crafted for Quality in the U.S.A.!

Lifeline Battery has been a leader in research, development and production of sealed lead acid batteries for the US Navy and US Air Force. Their current LIFELINE Battery series is designed for marine, RV (Recreational Vehicles), UPS, inverter stand-by/back up, and Solar (PV) applications.

Lifeline® Batteries are the Original "AGM" (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology adopted by the U.S. Military and Worldwide Airframe Manufacturers for its shockproof, high impact, reinforced case, which restrains bulging. Deep cycle unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power, and extended cycle life - maintenance free! They offer Deep Cycle back up power for Renewable Energy Systems Solar (PV) and Wind, for totally Off the Grid OR Utility interconnected battery back-up systems.

LIFELINE AGM BATTERY construction maintains the sealed aspects of gel batteries while reducing their chronic recharge sensitivity. In addition, LIFELINE AGM BATTERY technology increases Amp-Hrs. Cranking Performance, Reserve Capacity, Depth of Cycle and Cycle Life over gel technology.

Lifeline® Batteries are environmentally friendly & 100% recyclable!

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