OutBack EnergyCell 525FLA L-16 6volt Battery

Item Number: OBP-06525
Manufacturer: OutBack Power
Model Number: 525FLA
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States
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Last Price Update: 08/07/2019
OutBack EnergyCell L-16 Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

OutBack Power’s EnergyCell 525FLA (wet cell) batteries Give you 390 Amp Hours at C20. Designed for residential or light-commercial renewable energy power demands. Optimized to work seamlessly with Solar Energy Power Conversion equipment, these batteries are a perfect addition to any renewable energy system solution. Built with rugged, deep cycle cell construction, these batteries will deliver superior performance and long life.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands
  • Rugged, deep cycle cell construction delivers superior performance and longevity
  • Proprietary cell construction reduces water loss during charging service
  • Additional fluid headspace above battery plate extends performance between watering service intervals
  • Optimized to work seamlessly with All Power conversion equipment.

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