Rolls Surrette 4-KS-21PS 4v 1104 AH

Rolls Surrette 4-KS-21PS 4v 1104 AH
Price: $831.97
Item Number:SUR-30013
Manufacturer:Rolls Surrette Battery Company
Model Number:4-KS-21PS
Manufacturer Country:Canada
Last Price Update:05/04/2018


Rolls Surrette 4-KS-21PS 4v 1104 AH

Featuring the unique "resistox" plate design, these batteries resist corrosion and maximize the life of the battery. These high capacity batteries were designed with renewable energy applications in mind. They feature a solid 10 year warranty.

This is an extended-life industrial battery. Industrial batteries include interconnect cabling, capable of connecting all your batteries in one series string. However, because this cabling is one size fits all, it may not fit your configuration plans. If you have particular cabling needs, see our top-of-the line battery cabling. Click here.

The life expectancy of Rolls batteries are among the longest in the industry. Features include heavy duty construction and enveloped separators between plates to eliminate internal shorting. These Rolls batteries also feature excellent cycling performance and a small footprint to accommodate space considerations.

DIMENSIONS: 15.75 x 9.38 x 24.75 (L x W x H)

WEIGHT Dry/Wet: 216/121 Lbs

CONTAINER CONSTRUCTION: Inner: polypropelyne. Outer: hd polyethylene.

COVER CONSTRUCTION: Inner: heat sealed polypropylene. Outer: hd polyethylene

SNAP FIT TERMINALS: Flag with stainless steel hardware

HANDLES: molded

PLATES: Cells: 2; Plates/Cell: 21

CCA@ 0ºF: 3095 A

MARINE (MCA) 32ºF: 3869A



Questions about Surrette deep cycle batteries? Call us toll free: 888-826-0939

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