Rolls Surrette 6-CS-17PS 6v 546 AH

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Rolls Surrette 6-CS-17PS 6v 546 AH
Price: $799.97

Item Number:SUR-30004
Manufacturer:Rolls Surrette Battery Company
Model Number:6CS-17PS
Manufacturer Country:Canada
Last Price Update:05/27/2015


Rolls Surrette 6-CS-17PS 6v 546 AH

SURRETTE 6V, 546AH 6-CS-17PS For those large battery applications installations where more storage capacity and longer life is required, the Rolls/Surrette 6CS-17PS battery are an excellent choice.

These are the new generation, dual container, deep cycle batteries from Surrette. This is an extended-life industrial battery. Industrial batteries include interconnect cabling, capable of connecting all your batteries in one series string. However, because this cabling is one size fits all, it may not fit your configuration plans. If you have particular cabling needs, see our top-of-the line battery cabling.
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With the highest density of active material and the thickest plate in its class, The plates are double insulated with glass mat, and a polyethylene envelop, eliminating the possibility of separator misalignment, or cracking. They feature a 10 year pro-rated warranty.

These high capacity six volt batteries were designed with renewable energy applications in mind! Easily configurable for 12 volt, 24 volt or 48 volt solar battery backup applications. They can be wired in series or parallel.

This battery is rated at 3,200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. Each 2 Volt cell is built into its own lightweight container made of durable polypropylene with the cover heat bonded to the container, thus acid leakage is eliminated.

These batteries are sold wet with electrolyte. They can be ordered dry for no additional cost, but electrolyte is not included. Because batteries are hazardous, it is required that they be dry to transport them by aircraft. It is also desirable when exporting them to other countries. Please call to order if you need them shipped dry.

These batteries must ship via truck.

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