Rolls Surrette S-605 Battery L16 6V 468 AH

Rolls Surrette S-605 Battery L16 6V 468 AH
Price: $355.97

Item Number:SUR-29999
Manufacturer:Rolls Surrette Battery Company
Model Number:S-605
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:08/02/2018


Rolls Surrette S-605 Battery L16 6V 468 AH

The all new Rolls/Surrette S-605 Deep Cycle Battery offers an affordable battery for solar, back-up, andrenewable energy systems with an unprecedented amount of available cruise time.Whether these are used for simply back-up power or as the main infrastructureto power everything you need Rolls/Surrette features a high cycle life withthick positive plates and a large liquid reserve. The S-605 has moreplates creating higher capacity than the smaller Surrette/Rolls S-550. Rolls Surrette takesthe L-16 size battery to even higher levels by improving the capacity andservice life. This battery is heavier than most other L-16 size batteries, andis unsurpassed in reliability. The model S-605 is a six volt batterywith a rated capacity of 605 amp Hrs. @100 Hr. rate or 468 amp Hrs. @20 Hr.rate. Connections are easy due to the thick lead alloy flag terminals for 5/16in. bolts. It is packaged in a light weight structural molded container withlifting rope handles.

Warranty is 7 years (First 24 months free replacement, next60 months prorated)

For a Single String 605 AH Bank @100 Hr, you will need 2 of theS-605 for a 12 Volt System, 4 of the S-605 for a 24 Volt System,and 8 of the S-605 for a 48 Volt System.

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