UPG AGM Group L16 6 Volt 380AH Battery

UPG AGM Group L16 6 Volt 380AH Battery

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Item Number:UPG-40870
Manufacturer:Universal Power Group
Model Number:40870/UB63800
Manufacturer Country:China
Last Price Update:08/06/2018


UPG AGM Group L16 6 Volt 380AH Battery

The all new Universal L16 AGM 6 Volt 380 AH Battery, at 123 pounds, is perfect for Renewable Energy System applications. Maintenance free means no worries, no cells to water, no cables getting corroded that you have to clean and, best of all AGM batteries will NOT freeze even when deeply discharged.

The Universal AGM L16 is a sealed maintenance free battery, designed for applications that demand high amp hour and heavy deep cycling use. The Universal L16 AGM delivers 380 amp hours at the 20 hour rate.

Included are all of the features you would expect, like a durable polypropylene case design that includes removable handles for easy installation, Dual post terminals auto and stud, completely sealed design allows you to mount them in any position except upside down.

Applications: Renewable Energy Systems, Marine & Recreational Vehicle, any mobile unit that requires a large battery,


· 100% maintenance free, never check electrolyte levels!

· Faster recharge capabilities compared to flooded batteries!

· Equipment friendly; wont damage your equipment or work surfaces due to acid leaks, creating a clean environment!

· Sealed recombinant construction that eliminates spills, eliminates off-gassing, and eliminates terminal corrosion!

· Shipping truck freight is simple as they are not considered hazardous

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