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Battery Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer 8 lb

Item Number: TSB-510130
Manufacturer: Quick Cable Corporation
Model Number: 510130
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 02/25/2019

Battery Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer

This amazing product is way beyond anything else on the market you could use. For years all we had to recommend to folks was to sprinkle baking soda on the floor underneath their battery installation. The result was marginal at best.

Now you can spread our acid spill absorber & neutralizer with confidence that any spill will be contained and neutralized. The formula changes color when acid is present and then changes color again when the acid is neutralized. No guessing that it worked... you see visual proof it has done its job. We sell the 8 pound Jug which should be enough for the life of your batteries.

We recommend spreading the formula on the floor under your protective floor mat and then on top of the mat as well. Then place you batteries directly on the formula. Or in the case of HuP Solar One battery also sprinkle into the bottom of the cans as well. Any spillage will be quickly absorbed and neutralized. Ultra Polymer Absorber is safe and non hazardous. Sweeps up clean and dry not dusty like kitty litter. Specifically formulated to neutralize Sulfuric Acid Does NOT create asphyxiating Carbon Dioxide Gas.

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