Battery Box L-16 (fits 8) HDPE With Drain - Indoor

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Item Number: RST-10816
Manufacturer: RST
Model Number: 8 L16 With Drain
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 01/27/2019

Battery Box L-16 (fits 8) HDPE With Drain - Indoor

Introducing the HDPE plastic battery box enclosure specifically manufactured for use with flooded wet cell or sealed battery applications. These battery boxes are easy to ship and easy to install! The L16 - HDPE enclosure works in any electrical system on-grid, or off-grid. This battery enclosure holds eight L-16 batteries, such as Trojan, Lifeline, SunXtender, Surrette, Rolls, UPG, and many others.

The HDPE battery box is made with a tough, non-corrosive, impervious to acid, high density polyethylene material. It is the same material used on the outer shell of most batteries. These enclosures provide a neat, safe, and secure housing structure for many battery applications. They are hand fabricated in the USA, using 3/16" High Density Polyethylene. Designed for interior use only, and are not approved for direct burial.

The L-16 is a tall battery, so this box is designed as a three-piece enclosure:the bottom pan, the middle section, and the lid. The middle section slips down inside the bottom pan (only 9 tall). The batteries can then be lifted into the enclosure before you install the middle section, so you don"t have to lift the batteries as high. The lid has convenient handles built in for easy access to your batteries for maintenance, and features a hydrogen vent fitting built in.

Use multiple boxes for larger battery banks. Should extra holes be needed for conduit fittings or battery watering and filling systems The HDPE is easy to drill with a hole-saw. You can also add lockable features to the box in this way.

- Enclose and responsibly house your batteries.

- Protect the battery terminals from accidental short circuits.

- Contain spills and overflows.

- Easily vent potentially explosive hydrogen gasses to the exterior.

- Drain fitting installed to allow for maintenance and battery cleaning.

- Easy to install with the 3 piece design.

- Makes installing and accessing your batteries much simpler.

- Lightweight at 47 lbs. , and easy to ship with UPS or FedEx

The battery compartment size of the enclosure is 33" wide, 27" deep and 22-1/2" tall.

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