Battery Filling Systems 24Volt Kit for L16 Battery

Battery Filling Systems 24Volt Kit for L16 Battery
Price: $159.97
This Kit Contains 12 Valves, Tubing and Connector
Item Number:BFS-012002
Weight:6.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Battery Watering Technologies
Model Number:KT500TB5S-24mm
Manufacturer Country:Germany
Last Price Update:04/12/2018


BFS K1200TB5S 12 cell kit for Surrette and Trojan L16 Batteries

Safety and labor savings are of the utmost importance in your battery filling station. These valves are manufactured with the highest quality materials that keep all working parts above the battery cell.

A basic kit has all of the components needed to assemble the watering system on a battery. Tubing is not pre-cut or attached to the barbs on the valves. Each kit includes an instruction sheet with basic assembly recommendations or the installer can utilize the desired drawing layout.

Drying Chamber.
Exiting gasses are forced through a drying chamber. This action allows the escaping gases to leave behind a major portion of electrolyte that may be attached to the escaping gases. The result is less frequent watering intervals.

Lever Operated Shutoff Valve.
When the electrolyte level rises, the lever pulls the shutoff valve in the closed direction and will not allow the cell to overfill.

Water Trap.
The water trap keeps a small amount of water in the valve that will not allow dangerous hydrogen gas to move from cell to cell.

Double Chamber.
The patented double chamber designed in each valve keeps dangerous hydrogen gas and water movements separate.

Electrolyte Level Indicators.
The valve provides an electrolyte level indicator to determine that each cell has been properly watered.

Improved Barb Design.
Hoses are almost impossible to remove unintentionally. A better barb angle has been incorporated to allow ease of installation.

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