Manual Gun 5/8" End (22.22 mm)

Manual Gun 5/8" End (22.22 mm)
Price: $73.97
Item Number:BFS-90105
Weight:5.50 lbs
Manufacturer:Battery Watering Technologies
Model Number:GMAN1
Manufacturer Country:Germany
Last Price Update:04/12/2018


Manual Filling Gun with 5/8" End

This is a very cost effective solution for filling batteries, whether youre filling golf carts for a commercial golf course or filling batteries in a renewable energy system. It has a quick connector that snaps on to the Deionizing Filter making a complete solution.

This system is used instead of the individual float and cap system we offer. With this system you fill the individual cells one at a time, but with the added convenience of using the pressurized deionized water from your filter.

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