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Battery Filling System VB-TB4 Individual Valve only w/float

Item Number: BFS-55010
Manufacturer: Battery Watering Technologies
Model Number: VB-TB4
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 12/05/2019

Battery Filling System VB-TB4 Individual Valve only w/float

These VB-TB4 valves are individual valves with floats to fit the 49-59 mm Float size. The Solar Biz has many float sizes available to meet any installation need. The majority of the American battery market will use only a few standard sizes.

Batteries with no raised neck on the cover will typically use a 34 mm float. Batteries with raised vent neck covers will typically use a 39 mm float. HuP Solar One Batteries use a 49 mm and the Surrette 5000 series typically use a 59 mm float.

However, we recommend that a float measurement is taken using the float gauge BFS-005900 to ensure the proper float is selected. The float guide has a movable depth stop to measure your battery cell.

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