Battery Hydrometer Deep Cycle (Plastic)

Battery Hydrometer Deep Cycle (Plastic)
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Battery Hydrometer Deep Cycle (Plastic)

Hydrometers are used to determine the Specific Gravity of the electrolyte (acid) in wet cell batteries. This allows you to determine State of Charge (SOC) and to compare cells to determine straying voltage in cells before equalization.

Hydrometer Features:

  • Full Size Hydrometer Battery Tester
  • Larger Print Easier To Read
  • Plastic Construction For Commercial Applications
  • Professional Quality For Highest Accuracy
  • Precision Graduated Specific Gravity Float

While most folks don"t understand the proper test procedure for testing Specific Gravity to determine State of Charge (SOC) all is not lost.

The real useful way to utilize the hydrometer is to do your cell to cell check to determine when you need to equalize (overcharge) your battery bank. Because youre not determining SOC, just difference, there"s no need to fool with temperature compensation, as the conditions will be the same for all the cells.

When the difference from the highest cell to the lowest exceeds .15 on the hydrometer you need to bring the cells back to equal again by overcharging (equalization). Don"t forget to check after the EQ to make sure you did in fact, bring the cells back to equal.

It will do you well to remember that this liquid is H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) and it"s very dangerous. Eye, face and body protection is an essential must.

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