Equalization is required to mix the battery acid, and to bring every battery plate to an equal charge. Equalization should only be performed when required or once every six months. Over equalization or too often simply wastes the battery life.

The headlines are filled this morning with chatter on the latest news that the European Union is launching an anti-dumping probe into Chinese solar panel makers, following a similar investigation by the US that is likely to result in punitive tariffs by the end of this year. In addition to news of the probe itself, most of the major Chinese panel makers have issued their own statements protesting the move, and Beijing has also expressed regret over the decision.

Solar power is a versatile source of energy that works well in a wide range of locations. Ideally, solar panels should be exposed to full sun for at least a portion of the day to gather and store power. Solar power is a viable source of energy throughout the 48 American states and in the southernmost regions of Canada. Placement of solar panels is just as important as your location when determining an answer to will solar work in my location?

Being the owner of your own power source is an amazing feeling, knowing that you will never again have to pay for electricity, and that everything you can power with electricity runs for free. You’re taking control of a major part of your own destiny.

Many analysts still claim that solar power for the masses is simply not cost effective, and therefore not a realistic option for most power requirements. However, a recent study conducted at Queen’s University and published in the December edition of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews concludes the public isn’t properly informed about the viability of solar photovoltaic energy.

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