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Being the owner of your own power source is an amazing feeling, knowing that you will never again have to pay for electricity, and that everything you can power with electricity runs for free. You’re taking control of a major part of your own destiny.

Many analysts still claim that solar power for the masses is simply not cost effective, and therefore not a realistic option for most power requirements. However, a recent study conducted at Queen’s University and published in the December edition of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews concludes the public isn’t properly informed about the viability of solar photovoltaic energy.

Falling prices for PV technology  new average price for inventory, $0.65/Wp, off brand b- and c-grade modules, falling margins, failing PV companies, fraud, poorly installed systems and even counterfeit module product that carries a name brand and is really an off brand.  Good grief, what’s an industry to do?

An Interview with the Solar Biz. With the current focus on green living and sustainability, many individuals have questions about how to be more environmentally conscious. A staff member at The Solar Biz was kind enough to answer some questions on what constitutes a “sustainable” house.

It’s amazing seeing what spring and summer does to a person. When February comes, we’re sick of spelunking in winter’s cave and are desperate for rejuvenation. The sun is the best friend you haven’t seen in years.

You had a rough night, blazing your way through the neon-bandaged city. You feel unfulfilled. You know you’re unhealthy, but don’t really care. You roll out of bed at the insistence of the alarm clock, the most stubbornly dependent friend you’ve ever had. Your head’s throbbing and your heart’s aching.

Seems like the CASE folks think that the predatory practice of dumping solar modules in the US and Europe by China is because the Chinese are really great guys that have the industry’s best interests at heart. I guess there is a sucker born every minute. A least CASE seems to think this way.

Here’s an interesting piece of news…China currently invests more money in Renewable Energy than any other country. The focus in the next 5 years is to build off of the manufacturing sector and into the installation arena.

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