The answer to this question starts with how much solar do you have and what size and voltage battery do you want to charge?  There are two basic types of charge controllers - PWM and MPPT.

A solar charge controller keeps a battery bank from overcharging and turns off solar panels at night to block current from reversing from the batteries to the panels, an important function since electrons can flow both ways. Learn more about how charge controllers work and how they add to battery life. 

Many groups and organizations provide resources regarding residential and business solar power systems. We list a few of the most helpful. 

Have you ever heard of “net metering?” Net metering is slightly different depending on your location but the basic idea is that utilities have to buy rooftop solar power from customers who produce it, at current retail electric rates. If someone generates as much power as he consumes, his utility bill can zero out. Currently 44 states and Washington, DC have mandatory net metering and utilities in three of the remaining states allow some form of it.

Sometimes environmentalists are perceived as though they are asking the rest of the world to make grand sacrifices and live on leaves, berries and tofu.  This tends to be the stereotype.  However, environmentalists are solely trying to come up with a plan that will provide a more promising future where if sacrifices are needed, it is for something even better.

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