New mandates have been released by the Environmental Protection Agency that focus on the loser in the clean energy race—coal. However, according to an article recently completed by CNBC, critics of the mandates say that downgrading coal should not be the focus; providing, referencing and citing alternative energy sources should be what the regulations draw attention to.

According to an article completed by the Solar Energy Industries Association, for decades those in the solar energy industry have worked to enter the ‘major leagues’ of the energy market—to be acknowledged and employed as a typical and popular energy source. That goal has now been achieved, according to the article; as of last year, solar energy power generating capacities in the United States accounted for the second largest group of new units installed in the nation.

The debates and disagreements between utility companies and the solar industry have been an issue since the very conception of solar power. There are often questions of stepping on each other’s territory. However, according to an article recently completed by The Boston Globe, a new Massachusetts bill allowed officials from both industries to unite, for perhaps the first time ever.

See the progression of a renewable energy project done at the Wouman Indian Village in Panama.

Recently, the Solar Energy Industry Association’s website provided a brief summary of an article detailing the efforts of the United States Military to bring Solar Energy Plants to their bases. The summary was based off an article completed by Lee Peterson, from CohnReznick’s National Renewable Energy Practice. Peterson regularly writes about solar financing for military-based projects.

After a meeting between President Obama and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, an agreement was struck that would allow the United States to fund the construction of a solar power plant in Chile. According to an article recently completed by The Hill, the arrangement has many benefits for both countries.

The US Senate is trying to do an end run with the dead Marketplace Fairness Act. This bill would require any company to collect, track and pay sales tax to every tax entity in the 50 states on internet sales. This insane bill would place a huge burden on every small company operating in the United States. Only large corporations would have the resources and manpower to comply with this.

Do you reside in Central America? Do you need help getting access to solar energy? The Solar Biz recently opened a new warehouse in Central America. It is now easier for them to help those living in or near Central America have access to electricity, solar electricity.

According to an article recently completed for the Solar Energy Industries Association website, 2013 was the largest year yet for installation of solar energy sources. The United States PV Markets installed four thousand seven hundred and fifty one megawatts, a figure that equates to a forty one percent increase over installation levels from 2012; two thousand one hundred and six megawatts of this total was installed in the fourth quarter alone.

Occasionally, Potential Induced Degradation can occur on solar products produced by certain Chinese manufacturers. This occurs when the module’s voltage potential and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module, specifically when this occurs between the semiconductor material and other elements of the module, such as the frame or the glass.

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