As technology advances, harvesting solar energy is becoming a more practical and accessible option for businesses across a broad gamut of sizes, wealth, and locations. From major corporations to small, locally owned businesses, solar energy is becoming more prevalent year after year. Although this shift owes credit to wider awareness, proven effectiveness, and a higher consciousness of our own impact on the environment, a declining price on PV (photovoltaic) systems has spurred a lot of movement in the commercial adoption of solar energy.

With over a billion inhabitants, China is the most populous country in the world, and as it’s industrial revolution is underway, it increasingly contributes to global climate change, exploitation of limited resources, and atmospheric pollution. It is for these reasons that it’s so important for China to implement the use of solar energy, which is a much cleaner alternative to energy production than coal.

Occasionally, Potential Induced Degradation can occur on solar products produced by certain Chinese manufacturers.   This occurs when the module’s voltage potential and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module, specifically when this occurs between the semiconductor material and other elements of the module, such as the frame or the glass. 

According to an article recently completed for the Solar Energy Industries Association website, 2013 was the largest year yet for installation of solar energy sources.  The United States PV Markets installed four thousand seven hundred and fifty one megawatts, a figure that equates to a forty one percent increase over installation levels from 2012; two thousand one hundred and six megawatts of this total was installed in the fourth quarter alone.

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