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  1. Battery Assessment, Part 1
    Battery Assessment, Part 1
    Batteries are one of Tom Duffy’s favorite topics. Tom is CEO of The Solar Biz. He worked in the battery business for years before he had even heard of a solar panel. When two students approached ...
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  2. Charge Controllers
    Charge Controllers
    The charge controller is the part that Tom Duffy created back in 1969 without realizing this product would be a crucial piece of equipment in a future industry that did not exist at the time. The ...
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  3. Solar Achieves Record Year
    Solar Achieves Record Year
    America’s solar energy industry currently has more employees than tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released the U.S. ...
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  4. Solar Market Insight
    Solar Market Insight
    Quarter two of 2014 proved to be a success time for the solar market. Q2 2014 saw installation of PV systems increase 21% from the same quarter last year. As usually, utility sectors accounted for a ...
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  5. What the World Could Be
    What the World Could Be
    A recent poll showed that of the top 18 issues that Americans care most about, 10 would be fixed with Public Banks and monetary reform. Unfortunately climate change and ocean acidification were not ...
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  6. Solar is Creating Jobs
    Solar is Creating Jobs
    A nonprofit called Solar Foundation recently compiled its fifth annual report titled, “National Solar Jobs Census 2014.” In the report they identify possible sources for jobs with the goal to ...
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  7. Solar 101
    Solar 101
    Solar panels are growing in popularity for many reasons, including their environmental benefits. Solar panels can assist you in developing a more solid financial future by increasing the value of your ...
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  8. How to Buy a Solar Panel
    How to Buy a Solar Panel
    Solar energy is becoming more and more popular. Consequently, more homeowners and business owners are beginning to turn to solar-powered energy to generate their electricity for them. The way that ...
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  9. The Myths of Solar
    The Myths of Solar
    In the United States there are several myths about solar energy that have been circulated for over 30 years. Unfortunately (for the planet) this cleverly packaged propaganda has become common ...
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  10. The 3 Myths of Solar
    The 3 Myths of Solar
    We have grave concerns over climate change. The Fukushima nuclear disaster seems to be all hushed up http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/10/09-7 . If you read about it, after two and a half years, ...
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  11. The New 4th Myth of Solar
    The New 4th Myth of Solar
    There’s a new favorite, a 4th myth that has recently cropped up by a Power Company in California. I like to call this the “Ace in the Hole” myth, it goes like this: “All those (horrible) ...
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  12. How Solar Cells Generate Electricity
    How Solar Cells Generate Electricity
    Solar powered electricity is becoming one of the newest technological terms on the market today. Various people would like to know how to power their homes through solar energy for various reasons. ...
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  13. Types of PV Technologies
    Types of PV Technologies
    PV technology is becoming more and more popular since more people are becoming more interested in alternative energy sources. Solar energy is becoming an alternative to traditional electricity that ...
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  14. Equalization of Your Battery
    Equalization of Your Battery
    Equalization is required to mix the battery acid, and to bring every battery plate to an equal charge. Equalization should only be performed when required or once every six months. Over equalization ...
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  15. Chinese Anti-Dumping Probe
    Chinese Anti-Dumping Probe
    The headlines are filled this morning with chatter on the latest news that the European Union is launching an anti-dumping probe into Chinese solar panel makers, following a similar investigation by ...
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