FLEXmax Charge Controller in Arizona, California, and New Mexico

Putting together a solar panel system involves several different components. One of the most critical pieces that you need in Arizona, California, and New Mexico is a FLEXmax charge controller. Without this critical piece of equipment, you could destroy your battery bank that you rely on to provide power when the sun goes down. Contact our team at Solar Biz to learn more about the FLEXmax charge controller and how it works with the rest of your solar system.

What A Charge Controller Does

FLEXmax Charge Controller in Arizona, California, and New MexicoWhen putting together your solar power system, you need to have a charge controller as part of the equipment. A charge controller regulates the energy that is generated by your solar array and charges your battery bank. The charge controller makes sure that your batteries are not overcharged and are charged at a proper rate.

A charge controller like the FLEXmax charge controller really has four functions in your solar power system. First, it will accept any power generated by your solar panels. Second, it controls the amount of power that is sent to your battery bank. Third, it monitors the voltage of the battery bank to prevent overcharging. And fourth, it prevents power from being leaked back to the solar panels.

A charge controller will require a little energy itself to monitor your batteries and to ensure that they will not be overcharged, but the benefits of extending the useful life of your batteries and not losing power at night to your solar panels is more than worth this minor loss of power.

The FLEXmax Charge Controller Difference

There are many different charge controllers on the market, but there are a few features that set the FLEXmax charge controllers apart from the rest. One of these differences is the ability to provide full power output in ambient temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a very high-power conversion efficiency, rated at 97.5% for the 80 amp version and a very impressive 98.1% for the 60 amp version. These charge controllers can also handle battery voltages from 12 volts up to 60 volts.

Charge controllers are a very important piece of your solar panel system setup and having a reliable item such as the FLEXmax charge controller can make the maintenance of your setup much easier. At Solar Biz, we have been helping people with their off-grid solar setups for decades and can help you get the right equipment that lasts. Call us today to learn more.

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