1. Maintaining Your Solar Battery
    Maintaining Your Solar Battery
    Through many years in the solar industry, we’ve heard countless accounts of lead-acid batteries not lasting as long as they should. In most cases the problem was related to mishandling or lax ...
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  2. How to Maximize Battery Life
    How to Maximize Battery Life
    I'm often asked about lead-acid batteries and how users can get the best value out of their solar investment. Over 50 years in this business has made me an expert!  Many people ask about battery ...
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  3. Do You Need A Charge Controller
    Do You Need A Charge Controller
    The answer is almost always YES, apart from a really small battery and solar panel. So, you ask what is a real small solar panel… about 5 watts or less, but can’t a 5-watt panel overcharge a small ...
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  4. Islands and environmental challenges
    Islands and environmental challenges
    Islands are truly on the front line of environmental challenges. Islands like ours are fragile vulnerable places, battered by climate change, pollution and migration. With natural resources depleting ...
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  5. Partisan Issue
    Partisan Issue
    The Obama administration has made only ineffective efforts to address climate change such as shilling for “clean coal”, opening up the artic for drilling, and non-binding, unenforced climate ...
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  6. Partisan? Education? Or Both?
    Partisan? Education? Or Both?
    The climate change mitigation is subject to the politicians who either recognize or, in some cases, unfortunately do not recognize the significance of the issue. Sometimes they won’t want to do ...
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  7. Partisan? Education? Or Both? Part 2
    Partisan? Education? Or Both? Part 2
    Sasha Issenberg lays out the Democrat’s problems here and one of those includes that 127 million Americans vote every four years in presidential elections and only 78 million vote every two years in ...
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  8. Record Year for Solar
    Record Year for Solar
    2014 was a great year for the solar industry and California was the driver of record-breaking growth of solar industry in the country. Over 6,200 megawatts of traditional solar capacity came online ...
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  9. West Virginia
    West Virginia
    Extractive energy industries have dominated West Virginia for years. These extractive industries have bough off the legal system and continue to poison people and essentially destroy the environment. ...
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  10. Macy's is Adding Solar
    Macy's is Adding Solar
    Bravo Macy’s for installing solar power systems at 3 of its local stores. They are expected to offset about 40% of each store’s electricity use. SunPower Corp, based in San Jose, is working on the ...
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  11. Unions
    Unions have been less than receptive to action on climate change. Eugene M. Trisko is a globally well-known environmental and legislative consultant who represented the United Mine Workers of America ...
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  12. Record Breaking Q1 Texas
    Record Breaking Q1 Texas
    According to the recently released U.S. Solar Market Insight Report, Texas has recorded its best Q1 ever with 49 megawatts (MW) of newly installed solar capacity. This brings the statewide total to ...
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  13. California Installed Solar Capacity
    California Installed Solar Capacity
    GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently released the U.S. Solar Market Insight Report citing some exciting news! If California was a nation, it would rank sixth in the ...
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  14. Signs of Battery Bank Failure and Abuse
    Signs of Battery Bank Failure and Abuse
    Generally when you have two batteries or a battery fail in a series connected string, the progression of dominoes has already started. People replace the 2 batteries, and then a couple of months later ...
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  15. Cheap Cable vs Quality Cable
    Cheap Cable vs Quality Cable
    Anything less than a professionally manufactured cable compromises the entire system and is a waste of money. Cable is where all your current flows to and from your batteries. Think of it this way. ...
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