Grid-Tied Inverters in Arizona, California, and New Mexico

While you might think that the solar panels themselves are the most important part of a solar setup in Arizona, California, or New Mexico, the truth is that the inverter is the king. When you are looking to get the best information as well as a solid grid-tied inverter, you need to contact Solar Biz. We can help give you the reasons why the inverter is so important to your full solar setup, as well as provide you guidance on choosing the right grid-tied inverter for your needs. These grid-tied inverters allow you to actually use the electricity those solar panels generate. Contact us today to learn more.

What Inverters Actually Do

 Fronius Symo LITE 10KW Grid Tied Inverter 208/240So, what do inverters actually do as part of the solar setup? Solar panels produce electricity in the form of direct current or DC. Because most appliances and other devices are designed to use electricity that comes in alternating current, or AC, there needs to be some device that will convert from DC to AC. This is where the inverter is so important because without it, you can't use that electricity your solar panels generate.

But grid-tied inverters actually perform several more key procedures that other inverters do not do. First, these grid-tied inverters are tied to the normal electrical grid, and that means that when your solar panels aren't generating electricity, you can still use the electricity being generated by the normal electrical grid. Additionally, any electricity that your solar panels generate that you don't use immediately can be moved back onto the normal electrical grid, which means you are selling power back to the power company.

Why Opt for a Grid Tied Inverter?

When you are looking at adding a solar setup to your home, you are likely already using the grid power for your electrical needs. Being connected to the electrical grid is a nice backup so having that grid-tied inverter allows you to keep this connection. But more than that, it allows you to add a battery bank at a later date if you desire, and your grid-tied inverter can handle it all. During the day when your solar panels are generating more power than you use, instead of selling back to the grid, you can divert that to charging your batteries. Once those are fully charged, if you are still generating excess electricity you can then sell it back to the grid.

When you are ready to start talking about adding a solar setup to your Arizona, California, or New Mexico home, be sure to discuss having a grid-tied inverter as part of the full setup. Our team at Solar Biz can help provide you with information on how best to get your system up and running, so contact us today to get started.

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