Grid-Tied with Battery Backup

As the name implies, with this type of system you have the storage facility of your own to fall back on with a power failure. With the rolling blackouts and disruptions, more and more we are seeing a real need to be more independent, to take the steps necessary to care for the needs of our loved ones and ourselves.

This actually does not even require a grid-tied solar setup. The system can also be standalone without any solar at all! We can easily design this automatic backup electrical system that will respond immediately to a power failure or a total blackout keeping some or all of the electrical circuits in your house in a constant state of uninterruptable power for medical emergencies or security systems or life dependent medical devices.

This backup system and easily be incorporated into an existing grid-tied system to give you security and peace of mind knowing your power will never go out.

With this type of system, you have energy freedom, you are not dependent on the grid. If the grid loses power, your system automatically keeps your electricity on at your house by using the energy stored in your battery bank. This can be vitally important for those dependent on life-giving medical devices, or even for people with security concerns.

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