HUP Batteries vs. L16

A tough choice because HUP is by far the better choice. These two batteries are not even in the same league. If you are contemplating parallel connected strings of 16 – L16’s, your life expectancy could be 6 – 6.5 years without dedicated effort on your part to maintain the parallel strings properly.


Even with all this effort, you are not going to get more than 8 years out of an L16. If what you are considering is cost of ownership, an industrial battery always costs you much less to own over its life than a medium size battery.

Do the math. Even at 20 years on an industrial battery, take the price of the battery, divide it by 20. Next take the price of the Surrette batteries times approximately 2.5 (the number of sets you will purchase over the 20 years period). Now divide that by 20. There is your cost of ownership.

The L16 Batteries are not industrial batteries. L16’s are considered medium size battery and a reasonable life expectancy would be 8 years, and one could conceivably stretch that to 10 with care.


Typically, quick math tells you that you will buy almost 3 sets of L16’s in the time it takes you to wear out a HUP Battery. A small battery life an L16 as compared with an industrial battery, like the HUP, can’t possibly have the plate thickness of the industrial battery.

To be fair: this comparison is only referencing series connected industrial batteries vs. series connected L16’s.

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