Marine Inverters in California, New Mexico, and Arizona

Everything is fine when your boat is connected to shore power at the dock, but what happens when you leave port and head out onto the water in California, New Mexico, or Arizona? Unless you have the right marine inverter onboard, you will not be able to use those nice amenities like a coffee maker, hair dryer, or other devices. Your onboard navigation systems likely are used to using the 12-volt system, but the outlets and other devices are not, which is why placing a call to Solar Biz is important. We can help you get the right marine inverter for your boat so that you can still enjoy those extras while out on the water. Call us today to learn more.

Getting Power to Where You Need It

Victron Phoenix Marine Inverter in California, New Mexico, and ArizonaThere are only so many devices that can use 12-volt power, so having an inverter on board your boat is a necessity, not a luxury. This is especially true if you plan to be away from shore for an extended period of time. The inverter will take the 12-volt DC power from your battery bank and inverts it into 120 volt AC power. This allows your standard outlets on board to work for whatever items need this standard electrical outlet.

But keep in mind that you will want to have a way to recharge those batteries. Once you are back in port and connected to shore power again, your inverter will be used to recharge those batteries. This function of the inverter is very important. Beyond that, your boat might have a place for you to install, temporarily or permanently, some solar panels. Your inverter is needed here as well to take that solar power that is generated and recharge your batteries with it.

Know What You Are Looking For

One thing that you will want to look for with your marine inverter is the efficiency rating that it has. These are expressed as a percentage figure, which is the percentage of DC voltage that gets inverted to AC power. The higher the percentage, the better, and while most are around 90%, there are some that are a bit better. You will also want to keep in mind that when you start up some devices there will be a surge in power at first. Your inverter needs to be able to handle this surge without overloading. This is commonly referred to as surge or peak output, which is the figure over the stated wattage that the inverter can handle. When you are ready to add a marine inverter to your boat in California, New Mexico, or Arizona, be sure to call the experienced team at Solar Biz to help you get the right marine inverter.

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