Off Grid Solar Batteries

Having solar panels for your property is good, but it doesn't do much for you at night when the sun goes down. What you need is a good set of off-grid solar batteries where you can store the excess power that you generate during the day. At Solar Biz, we can help you figure out just how many storage batteries you should have. Since we've been dealing with solar systems for over 50 years, we are one of the most experienced off-grid solar businesses anywhere. Contact us today to learn more about how to figure out your battery situation.

The Basics of Your Off Grid Solar System

Off Grid Solar BatteryAs part of your off-grid solar setup, the batteries are very important but also take up a lot of space, just like the solar panels do. No matter what sort of batteries you end up using, you will need a good charge controller so that your batteries do not overcharge. You will also want this charge controller to ensure that the energy in the batteries does not leak back out the way it came in.

Along with the charge controller you will also need to have a power inverter. The power that is stored in your batteries is stored as DC electricity, but your appliances and outlets all are designed for AC electricity. The power inverter makes this change so that the energy stored in your batteries can be properly used. These two pieces will help to make your stored energy work for you when you need it most.

Choosing Your Battery Type

When it comes to populating your off-grid solar batteries, you have two main choices: lead-acid and lithium. Lead-acid batteries have been around for a long time and are used in a lot of things, including vehicles. Because of the manufacturing infrastructure they have a much lower cost compared to the lithium batteries. These are often used as the first phase of a battery bank because of this lower cost. Lithium batteries are better at long life with the much higher cycling count of charge-discharge so while they have a higher initial cost, their longer life helps to mitigate this. When you are ready to build your off-grid solar battery setup, call Solar Biz and we'll help you get the right batteries for your system.

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