Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems

When you want to have your property to be truly disconnected from the normal power grid, you are looking for an off-grid solar panel system that will generate enough power to cover all of your needs. Solar Biz is your source for off-grid solar panel systems as well as 50 years of experience with running and installing them. These systems continue to drop in price as they have gotten more efficient in generating electrical power from the sun as well as generally getting cheaper as manufacturing processes have been refined. More and more people with remote locations, such as cabins and even RVs on their own land, are choosing to install their own off-grid solar panel system that can power everything that they need.

The Basics of Your Off-Grid Solar Panel System

Canadian 375 Watt Silver Frame Bifacial Off-Grid Solar Panel SystemFor your off-grid system, there are several components that you will need to have in order to have power when you want it. The solar panels are the first part of the system as without these you have no power generation. Before you start buying solar panels you will need to know how many watts of power you will be needing. This involves adding up all of the watts of the different items you will be powering. Some of these items will be needing power 24/7 such as a refrigerator, while others will only be used when you need them such as a lamp. Start with the always-on items to get a baseline need, then start adding up the other items that you will be using regularly.

Once you have your wattage for what you will be running, you will now need to find out what the wattage of generation each of the solar panels you are looking at getting will feed into your system. Dividing your total against the generation capacity of each panel will yield the number of panels needed to fully power your system. You could go with less, but then you will need to watch what you are running so that you don't run down your system so much that the power goes out.

When You're Ready for an Off-Grid Solar System

When you have questions about your off-grid solar panel system, or you are ready to start the process of getting the needed pieces to your full system, give a call to Solar Biz. We have been helping people get into solar power generation for over 50 years. We can help you get the right solar panels for your off-grid solar panel system as well as provide assistance with other aspects. Call us today to get started.

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