Off-Grid Solar Systems in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Surrounding States

For many, having a property out in the country is an ideal goal, but they still need to have power for appliances and other things. Rather than spend money on both electrical access to the grid and having a solar system, many opt to put together an off-grid solar system instead, and Solar Biz can help make that happen. When you plan out your electrical needs, you can ensure that you build an off-grid solar system that will meet your needs by calculating the loads your appliances, lights, and other items need to work. Solar Biz is ready to help explain all aspects of your off-grid solar system.

The Basics of Your Off-Grid Solar System

House on Lots of Land with an Off-Grid Solar System in Arizona, California, New MexicoWhen you opt to go with an off-grid solar system, you are taking on the full responsibility of generating and managing your power needs for your property. This might sound intimidating but it really isn't that difficult, and the team from Solar Biz is ready to help make it a fun undertaking. You will start with the solar panels themselves, as that is the generation end of your off-grid solar system. Knowing how large of panels you need, as well as how many you need, will be the key to being sure that you are producing enough power for your needs.

Next will come the storage batteries. Your solar panels can't produce power at night, so any additional power generated during the day needs to be stored for use at night. This allows you to have uninterrupted power whenever you need it. With the solar panels, you will also need to figure on mounting them somewhere on the property. Putting them on your house sounds like a good idea, but if your roof isn't facing the right direction you won't maximize the solar output of the panels. Better if you can mount them to a pole where they can track the sun's position throughout the day.

Beyond those two main pieces is the power panel as well as other items needed for your system. This includes the right inverters, distribution panels, charge controllers, circuit breakers, and more. You are essentially building your own power station and connecting it to your home.

When You're Ready for an Off-Grid Solar System

When you are ready to have an off-grid solar system on your property in Arizona, California, or New Mexico, be sure to call the experienced team from Solar Biz. They have 50 years of experience and have seen how the market has changed over the years. When it comes to knowing what you need for a complete off-grid solar system, they have you covered.

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