Renewables Will Protect Our National Interests

With the war in Ukraine continuing into the foreseeable future, it is important that we learn from what is happening and see if there are lessons that we can apply. One of the biggest things that we can take away from this is that one of the root causes for the war is over fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. The United States imports hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil daily, and the war has affected the prices of oil in a negative way all over the globe. But it doesn't have to impact us if we are prepared and to do that we need to focus on renewables in a big way.

Solar is the Future

100-watt solar panel kit in Arizona, California, and New MexicoSolar energy production is one of several ways forward to help break our dependence on fossil fuels in general, and oil in specific from foreign countries. That money that is used to buy oil ends up funding wars like what is happening in Ukraine and elsewhere. Wars may still happen, but with solar, we won't be funding it nor will fossil fuel prices affect us, whatever happens. And while we would continue pushing our government to move in this direction, there are actions that you and I can take right now to make a change in the right direction.

SolarBiz offers a number of different solar kits to help you move in the direction of being energy independent and powering your own home with clean, renewable solar energy. These kits contain nearly everything you need to start converting your home over to solar power, you just need to add a battery storage center and a solar panel mounting system. We don't include the mounting system because you may elect to put the panels onto a pole where you can add a sun tracking system to maximize your efficiency, or you may decide to put them on the roof of your building.

Get The Right Solar Panels for Your Needs

When you want to start smaller on your solar setup, perhaps for a shed or other outbuilding, you can start with a 100-watt solar panel kit for Arizona, a 100-watt solar panel kit for California, or a 100-watt solar panel kit for New Mexico. Others are ready to go big and put their entire home on solar. We have larger systems for that, including a 400-watt solar panel kit for Arizona, a 400-watt solar panel kit for California, and a 400-watt solar panel kit for New Mexico. Whatever you are looking for, your best option is to first reach out to us at SolarBiz and we can help design a system for your needs.

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